Dakota Wood Grinding

15627 Clayton Avenue E
Rosemount, MN 55068
John T. Guillemette

About Us
Welcome to Dakota Wood Grinding - your trusted professional for all wood grinding needs. We specialize in providing top-notch, wood grinding services, ensuring your wood waste has a valuable second life. Our expertise in handling various types of wood materials combined with state-of-the-art equipment, assures efficient, fast, and reliable service. Whether it's a city woodpile or large scale commercial project, Dakota Wood Grinding is dedicated to delivering excellence, every time.

John T. Guillemette


John T. Guillemette is the Owner, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business operations.

Stacy Fowler

Office Manager

As the Office Manager, Stacy Fowler oversees administrative tasks, equipment management, agenda coordination, and team support.

Seth Fowler

Operation / Yard Manager

As the Operation/Yard Manager, Seth Fowler efficiently coordinates logistics and ensures smooth yard operations.

Ethan Ladwig

Equiptment Manager

Ethan Ladwig holds the critical role of Equipment Manager, entrusted with the management, maintenance, and upkeep of all team equipment.

Wood Grinding

A professional service that efficiently transforms your unwanted wood waste into useful mulch or wood chips.

Loader with Bucket/Grapple

Efficient service for loading and moving materials using a loader equipped with a bucket or grapple.

Push Pile To The Grinder

Efficient removal service for waste or clutter, pushing it directly towards a grinder for swift cleanup.

Black Dirt Screening

Black Dirt Screening offers efficient removal of debris from soil, enhancing its quality for landscaping and gardening.

Black Dirt Screener Rental

Rent top-quality Black Dirt Screeners for efficient soil refinement, saving you time and labor on landscaping projects.


Lumber and Pallets - $10 Per Yard

We accept lumber and pallets, but request that it is dumped at the pallet pile. It is very easy to find.


Chips - FREE

We accept woodchips but request you dump it at our chip pile which is easy to find


Trees and Brush - $75 Per Load

We accept trees and brush but no matter the size loads the price will stay the same.


Chips / Mulch Sale - $8.50 Per Yard

We sell chips / mulch in any amount you want.


Black Dirt Sale - $6.50 Per Yard

We sell black dirt in any amount you want.


Note -

Please stop in the main office before dumping and/or purchases

  • 15627 Clayton Avenue East, Rosemount, MN, USA